About Dylan

Photo credid: Peter Wieser / Focus Live Music


Dylan Goff is a singer-songwriter from Drogheda in Ireland and has been based in Vienna since 2003. 

After taking an extended break from performing, he began writing new material and arrived back on the Vienna live music scene in 2018. 



 Dylan’s distinctive sound lives somewhere in the area between the roaring angst of grunge, the sneering defiance of punk, the history and colour of Irish traditional music, and the heart-on-sleeve honesty of contemporary acoustic artists.   


When he is not performing, Dylan can be found tramping the forests of Austria. A lifelong nature lover, his second passion is researching forest ecosystems. 

You can follow some of his woodland adventures at  https://waldmanndylan.wordpress.com/ 

Cover photo : Peter Wieser / Focus Live Music



Snakeoil (with Amelie Tobien)


 Recorded for the SkyStudio podcast May 2019 

I Should Climb Down

Recorded for the SkyStudio podcast May 2019

MUSIC & Spoken Word



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